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“The 7 Pillars of Success” - How to Achieve Anything You Want in Life.

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Successful business outcomes require a team of professionals who coalesce around a stated mission and believe in it passionately enough to create something truly special.

Sia is a transformative model that will operate within its own ecosystem to deliver a comprehensive healthcare experience. We have built an incredibly robust platform that comprise the most talented healthcare and administrative professionals with shared common goals to bring something truly special and incredibly unique to the market.

While there is always capacity for growth and self-actualization, many different factors must come together and align in a specific way. Such factors help to shape and mold someone so that he or she can face all of life’s setbacks and challenges. These elements that need to work in tandem for somebody to succeed in a significant way are known as “The 7 Pillars of Success.” These pillars have become the underpinning of SIA and what we all strive to achieve daily to ensure successful and healthier outcomes for our patients.

Below is an excerpt from Thrive Global Community. Thrive publishes pieces by outside contributors with a wide range of opinions, which do not necessarily reflect their own. Their stories are not commissioned by their editorial team and are submitted in their final form to their open platform though they have been reviewed for adherence to their guidelines. This piece is by Ali-Khan Hemraj and I trust you will find it really informative and very useful.

“The 7 Pillars of Success”

How to achieve anything you want in life.

You see, it can become quite easy to try to learn and retain as much information as the human brain can, from all these sources, and then never apply anything in our daily lives. In fact, we end up doing the complete opposite and forget to take action on the habits that we supposedly try to implement by consuming all this knowledge from all these different sources. Let’s break them down now:

I. Patience. With the social, technological, and external pressure that we face in today’s society, everything pushes everyone to rapidity, spontaneity, and immediacy. While there is nothing wrong with this, patience is a skill that tends to be overlooked and is considered as old-fashioned and traditional. You do not necessarily need to wait to take action but recognize that slow and steady always wins the race. You are only competing with yourself. Therefore, patience should be seen more as a positive cognitive state of mind that should act as a solid foundation in your life.

II. Hustle. Talent is not enough; you absolutely need to put in the work. It is that simple. Make every minute of your day count. It is a prerequisite for success no matter how you slice it and it cannot be substituted with anything in this world. Forget about the instant gratification and work your face off every day. We live in a time where execution should be the antidote to any fear that may pass through your mind. Know that your efforts need to be compensated with a high return on investment.

III. Focus. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Always be completing the task at hand without losing the attention and the effort in the process. Sustaining this thinking skill throughout an extended period will surely be beneficial. You need to always prepare your brain to act as a muscle and to continue prioritizing high-value activities.

IV. Persistence. In the face of adversity, what really separates the true champions is undoubtedly the willingness to persist and not quit. Know what you want, make up your mind that you want it and pursue it relentlessly until you get it. There are no shortcuts if you are going to accomplish great things with the utmost integrity. It is a measure of success that can truly define you as a human being on the road to reaching your potential.

V. Grind. This needs to be raw, intentional and explicit. Take necessary steps to grow and to master your craft. It takes sincere belief, commitment and a tremendous amount of grind to stay motivated and to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. If you decide to not give up, even in the face of unexpected detours or losses, you will find the light at the end of the tunnel.

VI. Sacrifice. It takes great discipline to be a master of self-control and resist the urges of bad habits. Conventional wisdom tells us to fulfill our immediate desires immediately so that we can feel good about ourselves. Instant gratification is not the way to real success. Instead, try to always make conscious decisions that can have a positive impact in the long run.

VII. Ambition. Purpose, vision, milestones and core values. These 4 traits need to come from your gut. Learning new things are the billows that stoke the fires of ambition. Embrace challenges and be determined to succeed. You need to have a gleam in your eye as you move forward towards the destination you want to reach. Be vibrant and have a contagious enthusiasm to accomplish things.”

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