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Administrative & Consulting Services

Administrative Overview

Sia offers “turn-key” administrative infusion management services which provide prescribing physicians and their staff with a suite of services that create additional revenue opportunities without placing the related strains on the practice resulting from very nuanced and “labor intensive” back-office functions.  

Key service offerings include:

Turnkey Infusion Management Services

  • Medication Acquisition

  • Infusion Suite Set-up

  • Inventory Management

  • Payer Contract Negotiations

  • Patient Scheduling

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Co-pay Collection

  • Patient Order Forms

Prior Authorization (“PA”)

  • Comprehensive PA Support

  • Co-pay Enrollment

  • Patient Assistance Network Services

  • Claims Appeal

Staffing of Experienced Infusion Nurses

  • Deep Experience and IV Skills and Proficiencies

  • Continuity of Care

  • Engaging, Reliable, Caring

Accurate and Timely Medical Billing

  • Review Clinical Documents

  • Flag Follow-up Items, if Needed

  • Complete Coding Based on Supporting Documentation

  • Review and Resolve Pre-claim Submission Holds

  • Review and Resolve Denials

Consulting Overview

Sia offers “turn-key” consulting services related to pharmacy set-up, infrastructure, accounting, audit, and compliance related needs as well as strategic financial guidance for sellers and buyers of pharmacies that includes transaction structuring, data room management, due diligence, and effective transition planning post sale. 

Key service offerings include:

Pharmacy Set-Up (Infrastructure)

  • Multi-state Board Pharmacy Licensure

  • Pharmacy Design

  • Inspection Preparations

  • Insurance Contract Onboarding

  • Investment Structuring Analysis: Acquisition vs. Organic

  • Headcount and Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Gross Margin Optimization

Regulatory Compliance

  • Quality Assurance Program Management

  • Best Practices - Policies and Procedures

  • Onsite Pharmacy Personnel Training

Accreditation Assistance

  • URAC

  • ACHC


  • AHCA

Operations Management

  • Pharmacy Systems Knowledge

  • Inventory Reconciliation Services

  • Management and Administrative Services

  • Distribution Oversight

  • PBM Drug Formulary

Distressed Pharmacy Management

  • Rapid Diagnostics and Strategic Turnaround Plans

  • Performance Obstacles Converted into Sustainable Growth Opportunities

  • Creative Solutions to Improve Revenue Streams

  • Best in Class Operational Execution to Accelerate Growth

Financial Management

  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management

  • Financial Planning and Analysis 

  • Treasury Functions

  • Financial Reporting

  • Risk Management Assessments

Business Transition Services

  • Define Owner's Goals and Objectives

  • Determine Range of Valuations

  • Optimize Value Prior to Sale

  • Gather and Present Financial Information

  • Compile Due Diligence Information

  • Identify and Target Buyers

  • Negotiate and Structure Deal Terms

  • Transition the Business


So, if you’re a physician providing or interested in providing medical infusions to your patients, seeking to service and capture the embedded business opportunity associated with your patients’ ongoing pharmaceutical needs, an existing pharmacy seeking to operate more efficiently, or a pharmacist looking to sell or buy a pharmacy; then contact Sia today for a free business consultation.

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