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The Sia Patient Advantage

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Insurance Verification and Prior Authorizations

Sia prides itself on being the “Gold Standard” for insurance verifications and prior authorizations. We continue to receive complicated referrals from prestigious and sizeable practices and clinics with patients often waiting 2 to 3 months to get their specialty medication authorized and their infusion scheduled. These delays can be dangerous and exacerbate an already high acuity condition.

In all instances, Sia has navigated through these difficult obstructions with the carriers’ representatives receiving authorization within 24 to 48 hours and scheduling the infusion at Sia inside that same time frame.

Chart Review and Proper Precautionary Procedures

A patient was treated with a biologic medication at an established clinic, had a bad allergic reaction, and passed out. This patient was subsequently referred to Sia for a different biologic infusion. Recognizing the patient’s allergic reaction to the first biologic, Sia’s medical team proceeded very cautiously with administering this alternative biologic infusion. By using a slower than normal push to manage any potential complications, we were able to quickly detect an adverse reaction to this medication as well.

The team immediately responded with the necessary medical protocols and called for EMT. The patient was taken to the hospital for further treatment and made a point of coming back to thank us for providing the level of care required to avoid a potentially disastrous outcome.

Blood Work and Pre-Medication

Many of the high acuity chronically ill infused medications require blood work and certain pre-medication regimens to prepare for an infusion. Sia works closely with prescribing physicians to ensure adherence to all necessary blood work and pre-medication protocols.

Sia will not proceed with any infusion without first ensuring adherence to all pre-infusion blood work and pre-medication protocols.

Commercial Assistance Plans & Manufacturer Co-Pay Programs

The cost of many high acuity specialty medications can range anywhere from $7,000 to $40,000 per treatment. Often, patients either have considerable deductibles or commercial plans that don’t cover the treatment.

At Sia, we ensure that every patient is educated on the various financial assistance and manufacturer co-pay programs to ensure every patient can receive the necessary treatment to live their healthiest lives!

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