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About Us

Sia is a truly unique, comprehensive, yet personalized healthcare solution providing medical infusions, specialty and retail pharmacy, wellness and urgent care services, anti-aging treatments and “turn-key” administrative and consulting services.


Sia is a New York infused "old-world" apothecary, medical clinic, and medi-spa wrapped up in one that provides a warm and inviting concierge experience.  Sia's founders sought to provide an unparalleled continuum of healthcare services to address each and every individual's needs in one location to optimize their experience and level of care. 

Sia's mission is to bring about healthier outcomes for all individuals whether simply maintenance and preventative to those chronically ill.  In particular, we endeavor to transform the chronically ill patients' attitudes towards the rigors of their ongoing treatments.  By humanizing this experience and alleviating some of the anxiety and stigmas typically associated with these procedures, Sia will encourage better adherence and procure healthier outcomes.  

Through this commitment to each patient’s well-being, Sia will differentiate itself as more than just another service provider in the industry engendering patient loyalty for many years to come!  

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