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Sia is a unique healthcare solution offering an array of services including apothecary, medical, wellness, anti-aging, and administrative & consulting.  Sia’s mission is to address the spectrum of healthcare needs by providing a value-oriented approach and driving healthier lifestyles and outcomes.

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Sia addresses your pharmaceutical needs through its "old world" specialty infusion apothecary and treats through specialty medical infusions an array of chronic illnesses afflicting an ever-growing segment of the population.  Through Sia’s “spa” like environment you will be treated to a humanizing experience helping you better achieve personalized healthier lifestyles and outcomes.  Make your appointment today and allow Sia to help you live your healthiest life!

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Sia provides ambulatory and concierge IV hydration/vitamin therapy by using essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants to quickly remedy a variety of health conditions.  Sia will also customize IV cocktails to suit your specific needs.  In addition, Sia treats men's sexual health, weight loss, hormone therapy, and urgent care needs.  So, call today and allow Sia to help you feel your best!

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Sia offers a "turn-key" approach to medical infusion administrative management services and pharmacy consulting services.  So, if you’re a physician providing or looking to provide medical infusions to your patients, or a pharmacy owner seeking to operate more efficiently or to undertake a liquidity event; then contact Sia today for a free business consultation.

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Sia offers a boutique non-surgical experience with a Boca Raton sensibility.  Come enjoy a treatment that takes place in a beautiful, peaceful, and private setting where you will be cared for and tended to by a dedicated and highly qualified medical professional.  So, call today and allow Sia to help you look your best!

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