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Apothecary &  Medical

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Sia’s Pharmaceutical 
Therapeutic Focus Areas

Sia dispenses oral, injectable, creams & ointments and biologic medications used to treat complex health conditions.  We implement complex treatment plans to better manage a patient’s condition.  Sia’s Specialty Infusion Apothecary differentiates itself by striving for value added outcomes for its patients by providing critical patient support, reimbursement expertise, prescription fulfillment, and therapeutic clinical assessments.  We handhold each of our patients through their prescribed therapeutic lifecycles laser focused on helping each patient achieve their desired outcomes. 

Sia specializes in the following therapeutic classes:









Sia’s Support Services

  • Educate patients about their specialty medication insurance coverage

  • Inform patients about possible financial assistance options

Sia’s Reimbursement Expertise

  • Understand benefit provisions, investigate and challenge as practicable

  • Secure prior authorizations

  • Appeals management

  • Manufacture patient assistance programs

Sia’s Prescription Fulfillment Initiatives

  • Understand how to dispense and handle specialty medications

  • Educate patients on what to expect from their prescribed regimen

  • Teach patients how to store, handle and administer their specialty medications

  • Provide ongoing prescription management to facilitate healthy patient outcomes

  • Coordinate patient prescription

Therapeutic Clinical Assessments

  • Asses, start and maintain suitable specialty therapy regimens

  • Inform patients on what to expect from their prescribed regimens

  • Chart and analyze patient’s progress

  • Monitor medication adherence, side effects and obstacles to care

  • Evaluate overall response to specialty therapy regimens and make recommendations

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Sia’s Medical Infusion Therapeutic Focus Areas

Sia’s state of the art infusion suites cater to a wide variety of medical treatments in a private “spa” like setting.  You will be pampered by one of Sia’s highly trained and experienced medical professionals who will administer your prescribed specialty infusions. Sia’s deeply experienced clinical team of professionals treat a variety of chronic conditions in the following therapeutic specialty classes:









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Sia’s Menu of Available Medical Infusion Therapies

Sia’s unique comprehensive healthcare solution focuses on providing healthier outcomes for a generation to come through the following outpatient infusion and IV therapies.


















+ More

Covid 19

Sia’s Menu of Available Covid-19 Therapuetics and Prophylactics

Sia provides a range of COVID-19 treatment options for people with mild to moderate symptoms and people who may not have symptoms but are at high risk for serious COVID-19 and have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Antiviral Treatments

An antiviral treatment may help reduce the amount of the virus in your body, so you may not get as sick or need to go to the hospital.

To get an antiviral, you’ll need a prescription and a positive COVID‑19 test.  You’ll also need to be at high risk of developing serious symptoms of COVID‑19.

There are two ways to receive an antiviral treatment: by mouth, as a pill (oral antivirals), or by an infusion in your vein (IV antivirals). Oral antivirals within the first 5 days after your COVID-19 symptoms appear. You need to receive IV antivirals within the first 7 days after your symptoms appear.

Monoclonal antibody (mAb) Treatments

The mAb treatment helps boost your body’s ability to fight COVID-19 and could help your immune system recognize and respond more effectively to the virus and helping avoid hospitalization.  The treatment is for people who are at a high risk for developing serious symptoms of COVID‑19 and needs to be given within the first 7 days of when symptoms appear.  The mAb treatment is given as either an IV infusion or as a series of shots.

Long-acting antibody (LAAB) Treatment

This treatment can help protect some people from COVID-19 before they are exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. You may be eligible for this LAAB treatment if

  • You are at high risk for serious COVID‑19.

  • You have not tested positive for COVID‑19.

  • You have not been recently exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID‑19.

  • Vaccination is recommended by the CDC.

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Your Premium Provider

At Sia patient care is top priority.  We understand that healthcare in today's environment can be complicated.  Sia's team of medical professionals provide the critical clinical support to improve your health outcome.  They will follow your progress and provide comprehensive case management and reimbursement support to ensure your experience goes smoothly. 

Sia works with prescribers to provide patients with education tools to increase adherence and management of chronic complex conditions.  Our medical team focuses on clinical assessments which allows the team to provide personalized care, medication adherence, monitor side effects, utilize and monitor overall response to therapy. 

Given the high cost of specialty medications Sia helps payors manage their drug utilization.  Our capabilities include:

  • Adherence Support

  • Dosage Monitoring

  • Waste Monitoring

  • Therapeutic Monitoring

Finally, at Sia we recognize the healthcare landscape keeps evolving and the needs of patients and providers keep fluctuating.  Sia and its staff have the ability to align with manufacturers to provide solutions and healthier therapeutic outcomes for our patients.  Sia's manufacturer support offerings include:

  • Adherence

  • Clinical Outreach

  • Patient Support

  • Physician Services

  • Information Technology

  • Prior Authorization

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